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Style 1: French Bouffant

Style 2: Italian Casual

Style 3: Tied Back

Style 4: Skull Cap

Style 5:  Ponytail Pouch


Was: $12.00
Now: $11.00


411_3 Vous décidez à Paris

Was: $16.50
Now: $12.99

313_1 Purple on Blue  
Now: $12.50
Now: $9.99

010_3 Kokka Kats

Was: $13.00
Now: $10.99 




Surgical Hat Style 1

A wide band with elastic and a cord lock for adjustable fit.

Surgical Hat Style 2

Most comfortable hat in the house.

I am loving my hats!  I received my order today (thanks for such fast delivery!) and I received 5 hats, yet only ordered 4.  The Italian Casual style has changed my life!  I love it.  
Thanks again,
Surgical Hat Style 3

The Most Popular and Best Seller.

Dear James,

I absolutely love my hats - so much that I had to buy more! The people at work compliment the hats daily, and I give out the website to everyone to help you sell more! I love several of the new colors you have put out. I catch myself looking at the website nearly everyday - like a kid in the candy store.

Thank you again,


Surgical Hat Style 4
I received the box of hats on Monday, and must say that these hats are fabulous... who would like to see them... the four radiology technicians, the SRNA...  Tammy 
 396_5 Pam Kitty Love

For me the Ponytail hats are the absolute best. - Helen